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We've noted down some of the most frequently asked questions so that our website is easier for you to use and enjoy! Just click any question to reveal the answer!

Q: What are your delivery cut of times and delivery fees?

A: Order cut off times will be dependant on your area and will be rolled out as we move the service down the country. For now we are only servicing Auckland customers to ensure we can meet demand.



10pm day prior for next day dispatch (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays).


Mostly all suburbs are offered this service with the exception of a few - these are most far off outskirt customers that may have anywhere from 1-3 days per week.


Note: More branches to be added once the SF home site is pushed out.


A: Delivery Fees:

- Auckland(please check our the suburbs we are currently servicing here: Locations)

Order value below $150 - $14.00

Order value over $150 - Free

- Wellington(please check our the suburbs we are currently servicing here: Locations)

Order value below $200 - $14.00

Order value over $200 - Free

Q: What is your minimum order amount?

A: $50 is the minimum net order amount exlcuding delivery fee.

Q: How do I search for products?

A: The best way to search for products is by using the top search box - when using this box you can write any product or brand you would like to find and the system will search our entire database. Alternatively you can search by category by clicking the 'Browse' button on the top menu.

Search site wide:

Search via category:

Q: What happens if an item is out of stock on the website?

A: The best way is to email our customer care team and they will come back to you within 72 hours with an ETA.

Q: Why are some products displaying stock on hand as N/A and the Quantity field as greyed out?

A: The reason why some products are displayed as N/A is due to many reasons. Some of the more common reasons are things such as: Seasonal availability, discontinued line, re-called item, item awaiting clearance, damaged items.

Q: How do I know what a Random/variable weight(RW) item is?

A: You will know an item is random/variable weight based on the item's Unit of measure and the symbol beside it. Please note that if you would like to order 500gm, you will need to input this as 0.5 or if you would like to order 250gm, please enter 0.25. We will try and achieve as close to possible to your requested target weight.

Q: I am struggling to understand some of the Tin sizes eg: A10?

A: As we are a bulk food wholesaler, we stock mainly larger tins of product made for specifically for trade customers. We have placed a few examples below:

A10 = 1.8kg+ (net drained weight)

Q: How can I reduce the time it takes for me to order products?

A: The quickest way to place an order is by using the 'My Pantry' section. Within this section you will be able to access your favourites list(you will need to have a login to access this):

  • Favourites - this section gives you the following:
    • A list which is a summary of all the products you add into your favourites section. If you would like to add a product to your favourites list then click on 'Add to favourites' button below the 'Add to cart'.

How to order via my Favourites list?
Ordering is very simple by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the My Pantry - Favourites.
  2. At the top of the pantry list, you will see a couple of search/filter options. These two options allow you to search for a particular item or filter by a top level category (eg: CHILLED, DRY etc)
  3. Moving down the list you will see a clear list of items - that are in list and are ready to order. (nb: you can order the columns as you wish by clicking on the header of the column - see circle below:
  4. To order a particular item, enter the quantity or toggle the arrow keys to achieve your order quantity and either press tab, enter or click outside the quantity box. The site will then add this item automatically to your cart and show you a confirmation box along with a narrative under the QTY box.
  5. If you would like to enter a comment against an item line - then please enter this comment by clicking on the 'add comment' option highlighted red in the image above. Ensure you enter the comment before you enter the quantity.
  6. Once you have completed adding items to your cart then you can either browse the site or start the checkout process by clicking 'check out' on the cart.

Repeat orders/saved carts
In this section the only difference compared to the above sections is that the quantities remain in the order list/form. Once you check through the quantities and are ready to add them all to you cart, just click 'add all quantities to cart' at the bottom of the page:

Q: How can i re-order the same order as i purchased last time?

A: To simply re-order the same order you placed last time, following the below steps:

1. Navigate to your order history under "My Account".

2. Click 'View'

3. Click the 're-order' button at the bottom of the page.


Q: How do I complete my order/checkout?

A: Completing your order is simple, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you are satisfied that you have entered all the items you require to your cart, then you can proceed to the checkout process. Click 'Checkout' either on your side-cart or the top cart on smaller desktops. On the mobile version you will have to click on the icon at the top of the screen and then tap 'Checkout'.
  2. Within the checkout process, the below options will be displayed:
    1. Delivery address: Enter your delivery address (unless you are an already existing customer).
    2. Order comments: If you would like to leave a comment for our customer services team in relation to your order then please enter this here.

  3. If you would like to make any changes to your order during this stage, then simply follow the steps below:


A. Click or tap on Make changes.


B. Make the changes you require by increasing/decreasing order quantity or by deleting an item line off the order completely.

C. Once all the changes have been made and you are satisfied with your order then click on 'Make Payment' - this will then take your to the secure payment page where you can make your payment adn complete your order.

Q: Why are there no delivery slots open when i try and place my order?

A: The number one cause for this is due to the current adddress against your account not having a valid suburb. In most cases, if you enter a new address record with your correct delivery address, the system will recognise your address and fill in the blanks. You can then delete your original address record.

If the above fails, please contact our customer care team.

Q: Why is my order total an estimated order total?


The total order value shown before you submit your order is an estimate based on the products you have ordered. Some products are sold by random weight so when your order is picked and packed ready for delivery, the actual quantity supplied may vary from your original order. The amount your credit card will be charged for will be your invoiced amount(invoice will be with your goods on delivery). Your invoice will reflect any changes in quantity due to variance in weight of the products and may also reflect any short supply due to unavailability of products. Note: Completion of the final credit card charge may take 48 hours after the invoice date.

Substitutions – we may substitute ordered items for items of an equal or lower value. The final value of your order may reduce as a result of us substituting one or more ordered items (that are not available) for items of an equal or lower value (compared against the price listed on SF home for the ordered but unavailable item when your order was placed).

Other requested items – At the checkout stage you may request for a product that may not be listed on the SF home site. If you have ordered any unlisted products at the checkout stage, the final value of your order may increase where we are able to supply you those items, as the price for any “unlisted products” are only added to your order total once we confirm they are available post order submission. In the case of other requested items, we may need to ask for an additional payment if the final invoiced total is 15% or above the original order total submitted.

Q: How do I make payment and why is there a authorised amount required?


Orders can be paid by credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard) at the checkout stage.

SF home does not store complete or usable credit or debit card information. To pay for your order you will be transferred to a secure accredited partner that is PCI compliant.



Our secure accredited partner will authorise/hold the estimated order value + 15% to account for any changes in the order total that may arise due to variable weight items such as Fruit, Veg and Meat. Once the order is completed, the exact invoiced amount will be authorised on the card and any hold will be released automatically. Note: The time between you being invoiced, the completion of the payment and the displaying on your credit card statement may take up to 72 hours depending on your bank. The amount will be held in a pending state until the final invoice has been push through for payment completion, at that stage the amount held in pending will now match the invoiced amount and be shown as completed/processed.


Payment for your order will be processed 24 hours post the date your order is ready for dispatch. You must ensure you have sufficient funds available on your credit or debit card to pay for the order on this date(this is what the authorised amount is for).

If you have requested additional items and these are above the held amount, then you will be emailed the invoice and called for payment prior to the order being released.



Q: What happens if an item is out of stock when i get my delivery?

A: There may be many reasons why there are out of stocks on your order, examples are: Product Quality issues, Product damaged, Product held for inspection, incoming stock not arriving on time, stock not being able to be produced in time.

As we have alot of our items fresh, it is not always possible to ensure everything that has been ordered can be supplied.

Our motto is to try and supply in full at all times or try and substitute a similar product at the same or lessor price(or at a pro-rated same price). If there are simply not suitable substitutions, the item will be out of stocked and you will not be charged for it.

Q: Is your website mobile compatible and how can I place a shortcut to your website on my phone desktop?


  1. Yes our website is fully responsive with any mobile or tablet device.
  2. In order to add it to your phone as a short cut, please follow the below:
    1. Go to servicefoodshome.co.nz on your mobile.
    2. Login to your profile with your credentials.
    3. Click on the circled below 

d. Click on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ and then click ‘Add’ on the next page.


e. The below icon should appear on your mobile desktop.